Judge Judy Net Worth

Net Worth: $47 Million

  • Full Name: Judith Susan Blum
  • Born: 10/21/1942
  • Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York U.S.A.
  • Occupation: Judge, Producer, Writer
  • Marital Status: Married

Judge Judy Net Worth History:

As a tough talking Judge, Judy Sheindlin makes around $123,000 per day. Judge Judy works about 52 days a year, earning $865,000 per episode or $44 Million a year). She is 72 years young and she has renewed her CBS contract through 2020. This new contract will increase her net worth to $47 million a year. As an entrepreneur, Judith Sheindlin owns a production company, called Queen Bee. From this production company, Judge Judy has created another TV legal formatted show, about three judges who decide cases. Her books have done very well also. Judy Sheindlin has authored many books on parents/children and societal woes that she believes can be overcome with “self-discipline, individual accountability and responsible conduct.” Her books contain quipped titles: Don’t Pee On My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining; Beauty Fades, Dumb Is Forever; What Would Judge Judy Say; Justice Served; You’re Smarter Than You Look; You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover; Keep It Simple Stupid; Win or Lose By How You Choose; Second To None; and 107 Success Facts.

About Judge Judy:

Judith Susan Blum was born to Murray Blum who was a dentist and Ethel Silverman, a dedicated homemaker. She attended James Madison High School, Brooklyn, she attended American University in Washington, DC, graduating with a BA degree, majoring in government. She then enrolled at Washington College of Law at American University and was the only female in a class of 126 students. She finished her law education at New York Law School, where she earned her Juris Doctor in 1965 and also passed the New York bar exam.

After her bar exam, she began working as a corporate attorney in a cosmetic firm. This job lasted two years, because she had gotten married in 1964 and wanted to raise her two children. In 1972 she was told of a job within the New York family court system. She was hired as a prosecutor, who presided over juvenile crimes, domestic violence crimes and child abuse cases. She ruled the courts with a no-nonsense authority and her reputation grew quickly. In 1976 she left her first husband and raised her children, all while working in family court.

Three months after her divorce, Judge Judy met Jerry Sheindlin, also an attorney, and they were married in 1978. At this time, Mayor Ed Koch of New York, heard about her success in ruling over family court cases and approached her to be a judge, which she accepted. Four years later, she was promoted to supervising judge in the Manhattan division of the family court, with her reputation following her. Judge Judy lost her father whom she adored, in 1990 and as such pushed her husband Jerry away from her emotionally, thus they were divorced a year later. At this point they had two children, plus three he had, and two grandchildren. During their separation, Jerry Sheindlin continued to remain close to Judy and before long, they were remarried.

The Los Angeles Times profiled Judy Sheindlin in 1993, then CBS 60 Minutes Program had her appear on their show. As a result of her reputation in the court system, Judy was approached with an idea for a courtroom television program and her straight-talking judge persona became a hit. In September 1996, Judge Judy in 1996, officially retired as a family court judge, with a reputation of having presided over 20,000 cases. She made her first national syndication episode in 1996 and a new, highly popular personality emerged throughout the U.S. and internationally. In 1999, the Judge Judy program won the No. 1 slot for syndicated shows.

Judge Judy herself and the TV show has received many notable awards. In addition to a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Judy Sheindlin was inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame. Other honors and awards include:

• the shows first daytime Emmy award in 2013
• the Gracie Allen Tribute Award
• the Mary Pickford Award
• the vice presidency of the UCD Law Society

Judge Judy’s courtroom quips and facial expressions have been imitated on many comedy shows and Judge Judy has appeared on numerous news media interviews and talk shows like Wendy Williams Show, Larry King Live, The View, The Talk, The Tonight Show, Dateline, 20/20, Katie Couric and she even served as a judge the 1999 Miss America Pageant. Judge Judy has been featured in documentaries, dating back to 2000, entitled Judge Judy: Sitting in Judgment. This documented her childhood, schooling, legal career, marriages, and her published books. Her last self documentary was with a Katie Couric interview in 2013 where Judge Judy revealed even more facts of her life story.