Lloyd Blankfein Net Worth

Net Worth: $1.1 Billion

  • Full Name: Lloyd Craig Blankfein
  • Born: 09/15/1954
  • Place of Birth: New York, USA
  • Occupation: Business, the CEO of Goldman Sachs
  • Marital Status: Married to Laura Jacobs Blankfein

Lloyd Blankfein Net Worth History

In the year 2006, Lloyd Blankfein became the CEO of Goldman Sachs, a banking firm, where he earned an annual salary of about $54.4 million, he was named the highest paid executive in the world at wallstreet. With 2.24 million shares, Blankfein is the majority individual stockholder at the organization, a firm whose assets are upto $911.5 billion. The shares have been gaining over the years and this has attributed to almost half of his wealth. In addition, Blankfein has over the past years earned a compensation of upto $126 million. In the year 2007, Blankfein’s net worth increased by about $54 million! It is also at around this time that Blankfein took advantage of the bank’s financial crisis to strengthen his position and boost his income.

About Lloyd Blankfein

Lloyd Blankfein was born in a not so rich family, whereby his father’s job was to sort out mails and his mother was a receptionist. He grew up in New York housing projects. He attained his law and undergraduate degrees at the prestigious Harvard University. After graduating, he practiced law as a tax lawyer at Irvine for a short time then applied for a finance position in some firms including Goldman. However, all his applications were turned down. Following, he started working at J. Aron & Company as a salesman. He humorously compared the prestige of this job to that of selling toasters. As fate had it, J. Aron & Company was later owned by Goldman Sachs in 1981 and he was finally in. At Goldman Sachs he joined the trading section, where he worked very hard to attain his position as the CEO in 2006. Ever since Blankfein became the CEO of Goldman Sachs, the bank’s performance had risen noticeably. This earned him the title ‘Person of the year’ by Forbes in 2009. Forbes has also ranked him 43rd in the ‘World’s most powerful people’ list. He is one of the two CEOs who survived the very bad 2008 financial crises, whereby he helped the firm to emerge stronger.

Over time, Blankfein has used his incredible communication skills and success story to inspire young minds, to lead Goldman’s board discussions, uphold the firm’s culture and most importantly, to lead the bank to more profits. In one of his speeches, Lloyd Blankfein says that the great thing about life is unpredictability. He says that change is inevitable and urged his listeners to stay open to the large world of possibilities, always be confident, find a job they are passionate about and always stay involved in community work.

He is married to his wife laura and together they have been blessed with two sons and one daughter, all who have attended Harvard. Together they are living in a $32.5 million house in the Hamptons, New York.They also own a $14 million home in Sagaponack, New York