Phil Ivey Net Worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

  • Full name: Phillip Denis Ivey Jr
  • Birth (02/01 /1976)
  • Place of birth: Riverside, California
  • Occupation: professional poker player and gambler
  • Marital status: divorced

Phil Ivey net worth history

Phil Ivey was working for a telemarketing sales firm when he decided that he was good enough to switch career to become a professional poker player. Phil Ivey had gained the gambling bug by playing online poker games during his breaks and at lunch times. Ivey was really good at it, and his consistent number of wins meant the online poker playing was given him a much greater level of income than his salary did. Given the choice between earning enough to pay all his bills and the prospect of becoming a millionaire poker play, Ivey did the logical thing and quit the sales job.

Considering that Phil ivey now has a net worth of $100 million there is absolutely no chance that he would go back to telemarketing sales. Unless he owned the company first.

In reality the whole of his $100 million net worth has been generated by Ivey been a professional poker player, one of the best of the last decade or so. He has won many tournaments, and amassed his personal fortune by winning prize funds. Prizes are won by being placed in the tournament, usually by finishing in the top four, though the number of placings that receive a prize varies from one competition to another.

Such is Phil Ivey’s undoubted skill as a professional poker player that he has succeeded in winning the World Poker Series championship bracelets a total of ten times. In recent years he has progressed so far in the World series though his winnings in other tournaments have kept him adding to his net worth. With the top prizes in some competitions exceeding $100,000 a few wins in a row keeps his net worth ticking over nicely.

The fact that Phil had won ten World Poker series bracelets before he had reached the age of 35

makes him a record breaker as the youngest player to achieve the same feat before him had been 43 at the time. The number of years that it had taken him to reach 10 bracelets was 14, and the previous record had been 17 years of competing in the Poker World series events. Ivey actually won his tenth bracelet in 2010 although he has not won another one since then.

Phil Ivey has played poker on the European tour circuit without the same degree of success that he has gained over the years in the US. However his earnings and winnings are still high enough to sure he continues to thrive as a poker player.

More About Phil Ivey

In order to pursue his poker career Ivey moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Prior to that he had lived for most of his life in Roselle, New Jersey. Being a professional poker means that he has done a great deal of traveling in the US as well as in Europe.

Phil Ivey was married, but got divorced after 7 years.