The Rothschilds Estate – Net Worth

Net Worth: $60 million

  • Real Name-James Rothschild
  • Born- May 14th 1985
  • Birthplace- England
  • Occupation- CEO Monument Capital Group
  • Marital Status- Nicky Hilton

The Rothschild Net Worth History

James Rothschild is currently one of three heirs to the family fortune and has a personal net worth of sixty million dollars. The estate has been under the care of James Rothschild and his family including his mother. Amschel Rothschild was the heir up until his death in 1996 leaving behind his three children and wife.

James Rothschild is the currently public heir to the family estate but is not relying on the fact that he is part of a 700 trillion dollar inheritance. He is part head of the banking firm in Washington DC Monument Capital Group.

The Rothschilds have been in the banking industry literally for centuries. There are branches of the family in England where James grew up amongst his siblings. The original Rothschild was in the banking business and his name was Mayer Amschel Rothschild. He began The House of Rothschild was established in the mid 1700’s and their wealth rapidly took off as the business grew through his five sons.

The Rothschilds five sons were the beginning of serious wealth because they established themselves in the business and thrived tremendously. The Rothschilds fortune has said to have been as its lowest point in the early 19th century but still being the largest private fortune in the world even at its lowest point.

Today the Rothschilds are said to be at their original family fortune through good business advisors and management. The fortune is said to be the same as it was when it began in the 1700’s.

James Rothschild is worth sixty million and has just married American heiress Nicky Hilton. Nicky is sister to Paris Hilton who is very famous in pop culture for being a hotel heiress in America.

The family wealth is built on estates that are all over the world including in Paris, London, Vienna and Frankfurt. There are many family businesses that include banking, wineries, charities and art. Amschel Rothschild was a political head before his passing in 1996 and was very close with Margaret Thatcher in his position as adviser.

He committed suicide leaving behind Kate Emma Rothschild, Alice Miranda Rothschild and James Amschel Victor Rothschild as his heirs to the family estate. James grew up on the family estate in England which is said to be about 2000 acres near St. Edmonds in Suffolk England.

James Rothschild just sold one of the family properties for a small fortune after having wed Nicky Hilton. James is from a long line of wealth and finance but also controversy. There are many controversies surrounding the Rothschilds because they are so private The huge estate has even bailed the Bank of England out of trouble during a troubled time.

The Rothschilds are a private fortune but do many public charity functions and have a full social calendar having all married into money themselves as heirs to other fortunes by marriage. James Rothschild is making his own fortune and it is rising with Monument Capital Group adding to the already hundreds of years of great business financial knowledge and power from the Rothschilds.