Tom Anderson net worth

Net Worth: $60 million

  • Full name: Thomas Anderson
  • Birth: (12/08/1970)
  • Place of birth: Escondido, California
  • Occupation: CEO, entrepreneur, website developer
  • Marital status: single, in a relationship
    (as he may have termed on MySpace)

Tom Anderson net worth history

Tom Anderson has been involved in e-business ventures and development since 2000 when he first went into business with Chris DeWolf before selling up to eUniverse in 2002. They then became part of the staff at eUniverse, with the brief to explore ways to develop social media websites.

The main source of his $60 million net worth was gained from being the co founder of MySpace the social media networking site, again in partnership with Chris DeWolf. They set up the site in 2003, to be part of the eUniverse group. Basically Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolf set about making Myspace a better copy of the Friendster networking website. They had been inspired to take the best aspects of Friendster as the direct inspiration for MySpace and then make it even more popular than the original was at that point in time.

The executives at eUniverse were confident enough that Anderson and Dewolf could carry out the mission to develop MySpace that they were left alone to do just that. By June 2006 Anderson and DeWolf might have been smug with mission accomplished. For that was when MySpace finally eclipsed Friendster as the most popular social networking website in the US. The reign of MySpace as the most popular site was really short lived. That was because Facebook with its many extra features, games, and advertising revenue sources had absolutely no problems in over taking MySpace as the dominant social networking site. In many respects that was really bad news for MySpace and eventually the prospects of Tom Anderson’s net worth raising much higher than the level it was at in 2008.

Further more the success of Facebook and Twitter would cause MySpace as a networking site to go into a steep decline. As MySpace lost ground to its more successful counterparts it also lost advertising revenues, further reducing its ability to compete with Facebook in particular.

Unfortunately Anderson could not prevent let alone reverse the sharp decline of the company. The decline of MySpace showing how quickly companies can rise and decline in the age of e-commerce. At the height of its popularity MySpace actually had 1,600 people working for them.

By 201, 75% of the MySpace workers had been made redundant. It was Tom Anderson who agreed to sell the company to Specific Media for $35 million. By that time it was the best option for MySpace to take.

About Tom Anderson

Aside from computers and website development Tom Anderson is really interested in music and also philosophy. May be if he had not chosen a career in website development and being an entrepreneur he could have joined a band, or taught philosophy. He has two degrees and enjoys music.

Since 2005 Tom Anderson has been in a relationship with Vanessa Mendieta. As yet there has been no plans for the couple marrying or indeed starting a family.