Andre 3000 – Net Worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

  • Real Name- Andre Lauren Benjamin
  • Born-May 27th 1975
  • Birthplace- Atlanta, Georgia
  • Occupation-Rapper, Singer
  • Marital Status- Single

Andre 3000 – Net Worth History

Andre 3000 came out of the 2004 Atlanta Hit sensations that waved over the music scene and is a rapper/musician and singer. His music with the band OutKast brought him much of the success he is awarded today. The band OutKast had broken up but has since reunited in 2014 for a tour even gracing the stage at Coachella music festival in 2014 which was a serious revival appearance for the band and well receieved when fans heard the band had come back together to make more great music.

Andre Benjamin has performed in several films and records music with a serious work ethic. Keeping himself out there is one of the reasons he is so popular with fans. His appearances in film have gained him another part to his fan base widening his career even further and making him gain in net worth tremendously.

Andre is famous for his funny videos with OutKast which began shortly after his graduation from high school in 1992. The group signed with LaFace record label and released their debut album in 1994. Since this debut Andre and Antwan Patton also known as Big Boi collaborated as the duo OutKast making many albums and adding new elements to their uniquely soulful music.

With his group hitting famously in 2002 through 2004 they remained on the billboard top 100. OutKast is famous for their introduction of “trip hop” which has gained them quite a fan base over the years. His work ethic is a serious reason he keeps on the scene and gaining in net worth. Andre has even appeared as Jimi Hendrix in his latest film and credits much of his influences to be Little Richard as well as being credited with being the new “ Indie Rock Little Richard” of his era.

With this unique sound the group OutKast saw soaring success with the hit “Hey Ya” which landed them in super stardom. They made several videos that have gone viral and to this day are heading upwards in the millions of views even though the hit was many years ago. Their unique sound and beautiful melodies go so well with the rap they perform that fans can not get enough and were thrilled they had reunited to record more in the future.

Andre has many business ventures including his own fashion label called “Benjamin Bixby” which was launched in 2008. This line was very very popular and he is promising another line to come out very soon. The fashion line was also very unique much like his style it was influenced by college football clothing from 1935.

Andre 3000 keeps on coming with more music, more ideas and more of his brand out there for the public which attributes to his net worth tremendously. It takes a certain kind of performer who can dabble in all of the fields of the entertainment industry and Andre has done just this with his unique style. The fans keep coming for more and still love him loyally today because he very iconic and has his own brand that people adore.