Ashanti Net Worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

  • Full Name: Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas
  • Born: 10/13/1980
  • Place of Birth: Glen Cove, New York
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Marital Status: Single

Ashanti Net Worth History

Ashanti made millions with her singing career, and from her popularity in the music world she was also able to cross-over into film and make some wealth there as well. Not only is she a singer, but she’s also an actress, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and composer. Ashanti launched her music career back in 2002 with her debut album, and it went on to sell millions of copies. She also was able to set a variety of records, and by 2014 she had released five studio albums. Not only that, but she has also released specialty albums, and roughly a dozen singles. Her acting career has been pretty busy, with her appearing in a number of projects from John Tucker Must Die, and Coach Carter, to Resident Evil: Extinction, and others. Not only does she like to take part in various entertainment projects, but Ashanti is also a philanthropist and she’s helped to raise millions in funds for charity. She’s raised funds for family violence, tsunami disasters, cancer, and more. Though she is not married to anyone at the moment, she has had one notable relationship with fellow celebrity Nelly, that lasted roughly 10 years, ranging from 2003 to 2012.

About Ashanti

Ashanti wasn’t always famous, with humble beginnings coming from a family comprised of a dance teacher for a mother, and a singer for a father. It’s clear that entertaining might be in her genes. Ashanti was lucky enough to take dance lessons as she was growing up, including hip hop, tap, jazz, ballet, and others. Ashanti has managed to dance with the Senior Pro Ensemble at Carnegie Hall, she’s danced at the Apollo Theater, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and Avery Fisher Hall.

Ashanti brewed some controversy back when she won Entertainer of the Year at the Sol Train Aretha Franklin Awards. Angered over her nomination, thousands of people tried to establish a petition that would have Ashanti removed for consideration of the award. However, their efforts were struck-down and she did end-up receiving that award. She has gone on to receive many awards, and to make quite a name for herself within the hip-hop and pop music industry. It’s clear that Ashanti is a natural born performer, she has great talent as far as singing and dancing, and it doesn’t stop there. Through her various film projects, we can also see that she knows how to perform and take on a role of someone else. She has been busy building her acting resume over the past few years, and lately she is earning more from that than she is from her music efforts. Although, her music success is what contributed the most to her $20 million fortune. There aren’t many singers in the world who can claim that they were lucky enough to see the same success. And Ashanti is still going, more than 10 years later, and just 34 years old.