Billy Joel Net Worth

Net Worth: $160 Million

  • Full Name: William Martin Joel
  • Born: May 9, 1949
  • Birthplace: The Bronx, New York
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, musician, voice performer
  • Marital Status: Married

Billy Joel Net Worth History

Although Billy Joel has only written a handful of songs since 1993, he has amassed a great fortune through his tours and best-selling albums featuring performances of his classic songs. He is reported to net $2 million for his larger shows, and he holds the record for the number of attendees to a single concert in the United States. His 1997 performance at central park drew an audience of 980,000 people, an attendance number yet to be surpassed by any other concert.

In the final three decades of the last century, Billy Joel created an impressive career. He wrote, performed, and recorded 33 top 40 hit songs and played to many large sold-out concerts. Joel is among the best-selling artists in history with over 150 million records sold. He is rated as the third best selling solo artist and places sixth among the greatest selling recording artists of any genre. His 1985 album “Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 & 2” is among the top sellers in the U.S. at 11.5 million copies.

With record album sales, concert attendance far above many music superstars, and a career that has spanned five decades, Billy Joel has amassed a current net worth at around $160 million, and this is after a series of divorces that have cost the singer/songwriter vast sums of money.

About Billy Joel

Billy Joel has been performing since 1965, when, at 14 years old, he founded a band named the Echoes. He left the Echoes to join the Hassles, which had signed a record contract, but the band’s commercial failure prompted Joel and drummer Jon Small to leave and form their own duo, Attila. The dissolution of Attila was attributed to an affair Joel had with Small’s wife, Elizabeth Weber-Small. After the affair was discovered, Joel called Small from his mother’s house and apologized after having ingested Nembutal, a medication used to treat convulsions and, in high doses for euthanasia of humans and animals. Small raced to Joel’s mother’s house and sought medical help for the young singer.

Billy Joel has attempted suicide twice, and the second incident involved furniture polish a couple of weeks after the first attempt. After recovering from this poisoning, Joel checked himself into a mental hospital. After realizing that many of the residents in the mental ward were there for permanent mental issues they could not control, Joel realized that he had created his own issues and that meant he could repair them.

Joel later married Elizabeth Weber and gave her control over his artwork. Joel’s hit song, “Just the Way You Are” was written for Elizabeth Weber. Another song’ “She’s Always A Woman” was inspired by Weber. When they divorced in 1982, Weber demanded nearly all of Joel’s assets.

After his divorce from Weber, Joel married Christie Brinkley, with whom he had a daughter Alexa Ray Joel, however his whirlwind concert schedule and rumors of Joel’s infidelity led to their divorce in 1994. In 2004, at 55 years of age, Joel married Katie Lee, a 23 year old aspiring culinary star, but they divorced in 2009.

Billy Joel is currently married to Alexis Roderick, a former executive and equestrian. Their daughter, Della Rose Joel, was born on August 12 2015.