Bono Net Worth

Net Worth: $600 Million

  • Full Name – Paul David Hewson
  • Born – 05/10/1960
  • Place of Birth – Dublin, Ireland
  • Occupation – Musician
  • Marital Status – Married

Bono’s Net Worth History

Bono is famous for being part of the Irish band U2, and much of his wealth has come from the success of this band. They signed a record deal with Island records in 1980 and since then have gone on to sell more than 150 million records worldwide, and have performed 14 sell out tours. They are considered to be one of the most successful rock groups of all time, and this has made all members of the band very wealthy. Bono has also collaborated with dozens of other artists and will also receive royalties for these songs.

Bono is also a managing director and managing partner of the investment firm Elevation Partners, and this has been a very profitable venture for him. This company bought the Clarence Hotel in Dublin in 1992 and completely refurbished it from a two star to a five star hotel. The company also own a stake in Facebook and is believed that if the value of this stake continues to rise, then the profits that the company receives could see Bono being the first musician to become a billionaire.

About Bono

Bono has been a member of U2 since he was sixteen years old. He writes the lyrics for most of their songs and in the early years these lyrics were known for their political themes. Over time they become more about his personal experiences. He also plays the guitar and the harmonica on several of the band’s songs, although his ability to play the guitar was affected by a cycling accident in 2014. By his own admission, he was always a better singer than he was a guitarist.

He married his wife Alison in 1982 and the couple have four children, two daughters and two sons. The couple met when they were still at school, and this was also where Bono met the rest of his bandmates. He wrote the song ‘The Sweetest Thing’ for his wife as an apology for forgetting their wedding anniversary. He and his family now live in an apartment in Manhattan, New York that he purchased from Steve Jobs.

He is often seen wearing sunglasses and this has become known almost as his trademark. Although he does admit that this is part for privacy, he also suffers from the eye condition glaucoma and is sensitive to bright lights. The fact that he is photographed often when he is out in public means that his sunglasses also provide his eyes with protection from the flashes.

Bono is also known for the work that he does for charity. He was heavily involved in Live Aid and Band Aid alongside Bob Geldof in the 1980s and spent some time in Ethiopia with his wife during this period. This led to a particular interest in Africa, and he has campaigned for debt relief to be given to third world countries and has also worked to raise awareness of the problems that many African countries face with AIDS.