Dave Grohl Net Worth

Net Worth: $260 Million

  • Full Name: David Eric Grohl
  • Born: January 14, 1969
  • Birthplace: Warren, Ohio
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer
  • Marital Status: Married

Dave Grohl Net Worth History

It may be difficult to believe that Dave Grohl has a net worth of 260 million dollars when watching one of his interviews. He is considered to be one of the most likable and down to earth celebrities. Grohl has become among music’s richest performers mainly through the wild popularity of his band, Foo Fighters. The band’s seven studio albums have tens of millions of copies sold, Foo Fighters concerts are usually held in massive venues, and they are frequently sold-out shows. Recent estimates place Grohl as the third wealthiest drummer in the world.

Dave Grohl has found time to contribute to many other projects and collaborate with other bands. He toured with Queens of the Stone Age and played drums for their debut album “Songs for the Deaf.” Grohl is featured in their music video for the song “No One Knows,” arguably adding a musical energy that made this song a hit. The rock comedy duo Tenacious D frequently features Dave Grohl on drums during their live performances and Grohl has drummed for all of its studio recordings. Grohl has also collaborated with Paul McCartney and appeared in several of the rock legend’s more high-profile performances. He formed a rock group called Them Crooked Vultures with Queens of the Stone Age founder Josh Homme and John Paul Jones.

Dave Grohl produced several studio albums. He is a fan of the Swedish theatrical metal rock group Ghost and produced their album “If You Have Ghost.” He is also a frequent guest drummer for bands in a variety of music genres, usually filling in for drummers that were unable to play or altogether absent. Grohl’s energy and devotion to music have made him a famous personality, a respected instrumentalist, and among the wealthiest musicians.

About Dave Grohl

Unsatisfied with the format of his music lessons, twelve-year-old Dave Grohl chose to teach himself guitar and practice by performing with friends in bands. He has stated that he learned to play drums using pillows, which resulted in a rougher style than other drummers, such as Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. Grohl was exposed to punk rock at age thirteen when his cousin invited him to a few local shows in Illinois. These events had a major influence on Grohl, and they cemented his decision to become a musician while greatly influencing his musical style.

Although he was born in Ohio, Dave Grohl spent most of his childhood in Virginia and was involved in the Washington D.C. punk scene. When a popular D.C. band Scream asked him to join, Grohl left school to go on tour. He spent the next four years with Scream as drummer, and he wrote and sang their song “Gods Look Down.” While touring, Grohl befriended Melvins front man Buzz Osbourne, who took his friends, Kris Novoselic and Kurt Cobain to a Scream concert.

Dave Grohl wrote many songs while recording and touring with Nirvana. He wanted to suggest using some of these songs on later Nirvana albums, but hesitated for fear of spoiling Kurt Cobain’s artistic flow. After Cobain’s death, and possibly to ease his own grief, Grohl worked nonstop, playing nearly every instrument to complete the recordings that would later be mixed to create the Foo Fighters debut album.

Dave Grohl married photographer Jennifer Youngblood in 1994, but they divorced three years later. Grohl in currently married to Jordyn Bloom, and they have three children. He is a strong supporter of LGBT rights and marriage equality, and helped defeat 1992’s Oregon Ballot Measure 9, which would have forced the state government to recognize non-heterosexual orientations as abnormal and perverse. He is vocal on the subject of drug abuse, stating that he stopped using marijuana and LSD at age 20 has seen many tragedies related to addiction and hard drugs.