Dj Khaled Net Worth

Net Worth: $18 Million

  • Full Name: Khaled bin Abdul Khaled
  • Born: November 26, 1975
  • Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Occupation: Record Producer
  • Marital Status: Single

Dj Khaled’s Net worth History

Dj Khaled started as a disc jockey (Dj) for a pirate radio station before moving to Power 96.5 where he co-hosted a show. He is a radio personality and still hosts a radio show up to date. Dj Khaled worked in the music industry by landing deals to produce albums for artists such as Fabulous, Fat Joe and his self-work.

Dj Khaled has released seven studio albums up to date, from his first album to the seventh (Suffering from Success). Through his career, he has been able to work with artists such as Kanye West, Jay Z and many upcoming artists who have been able to produce a large number of hits with platinum certification.

He is the CEO and founder of We The Best Music Group that has signed artists such as Ace Hood to produce a number of albums and singles under the label.

Dj Khaled is the reason behind success from artist Rick Ross, who was the first producers to hear about him and has made him to be in list amongst the best hip-hop artists. His production style also allows him to work with R&B artists such as August Alsina, Chris Brown and Jeremih in the hit song “Hold you down”.

Through Dj Khaled’s career are hit songs and artists coming up either through his label and also through his production works.

Dj Khaled has his own brand of headphones making him a businessperson with a moneymaking agenda.

In the year 2015, Dj Khaled is worth approximately 18 Million USD.

About Dj Khaled

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dj Khaled started his interest in music at a local recording store where he developed the likings of rap and reggae music. He started as a Dj in clubs and as a co-host in radio stations. Dj Khaled released his first studio album “Listennn…the album” in June 2006 that made him gain recognition to a large audience than the one he had on radio. Khaled still works with artists that he grew up with, the likes of Lil Wayne, Birdman and a large number of artists who came after him.

On top of his first album, Dj Khaled has seven other albums to add to his record that have singles such as I’m so hood, Hold you down and No New Friends that are platinum certified.

Dj Khaled is currently the president of Def Jam South records and is the CEO and founder of We the Best Music records that have signed artists such as Ace Hood who have achieved success in their careers at the label.

Dj Khaled also owns his own brand of headphones made by a Danish audio company, Bang & Olufsen. He is a businessperson together with a record producer who has and is still achieving success in his career in terms of the music and the businesses he owns.