DMX Net Worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

  • Full Name: Earl Simmons
  • Born: 12/18/1970
  • Place of Birth: Mount Vernon, New York
  • Occupation: Rapper, Actor, Author
  • Marital Status: Single

DMX Net Worth History

DMX, also known as Earl Simmons is one of the most prolific rappers to come out of the Ruff Ryders Entertainment camp. DMX is widely recognized for his rough vocal delivery and swift lyrical flow. DMX got started in the music industry by appearing on mixtapes, participating in “freestyle” competitions, and making feature guest appearances. DMX has released numerous hit albums and published a book,
E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of DMX, which garnered significant mainstream success. DMX sold over $30 million records and his net worth earnings include; acting, real estate, live performances, music and publishing royalties.

About DMX

Growing up in Yonkers, New York, DMX had a very rough childhood. Life didn’t come very easy for the young boy affectionately known as Earl. With frequent exposure to abuse and neglect, these circumstances set Earl on a very destructive path and would later become the catalyst for his transformation as DMX (Dark Man X).

After discovering his passion for music, DMX would practice “beatboxing”, for which he won several “battles” against his competitors. As he became more confident in his ability, his reputation as a rapper grew and he developed a local following. With a new found interest, he started to embark on the road to pursue his dream of being a rapper.

DMX’s path to glory was a challenge. His personal life was very unstable, as he became a fixture in juvenile group homes and prison for numerous offenses. But, it was in prison that he received enlightenment. As a result, he started channeling his emotions into his writing, which was the inspiration for his future albums.

During the course of achieving his goals, DMX got married and had children. With a new set of responsibilities, DMX relentlessly chased after his dreams to provide for his family.

When opportunity knocked, DMX kicked down the door and was fully equipped with a team of musicians and supporters, Ruff Ryders. Ruff Ryders provided an outlet for DMX to shine and get the exposure he needed to take his career to the next level.

Taking the entertainment industry by storm, it would appear that DMX was an overnight success. The momentum was quick and DMX was instantly famous. DMX was a sought after public figure and soon Hollywood came knocking on his door. DMX started building his credibility as an actor. With a debut in the movie, Belly, this led to films with veteran actors, such as Romeo Must Die with Jet Li.

On a roll, DMX’s career was on the fast track. However, his personal life would put a halt on his plans. His personal struggles started to manifest and impact his decisions. DMX has been involved in various negative situations that would ultimately end his marriage, and endanger his life and others.

Consequently, there have been many opportunities provided to get DMX back on track, but he still struggles with his inner conflicts. DMX is one of the best rappers of all time, yet, he still has not reached his full earning potential.