Elton John Net Worth

Net Worth: $475 Million

  • Full Name: Reginald Dwight
  • Born: 03/25/1947
  • Place of Birth: Middlesex, England
  • Occupation: Musician
  • Marital Status: Married

Elton John Net Worth History

Singer/songwriter and musician Elton John has played piano since the age of three. He attended teh Royal Academy of Music. In 1966, he formed the band called “Bluesology” at which time, he changed his name from Dwight to Elton John. His first Album was released in 1969, and another which followed in 1970. His music was well received with many of the songs hitting the top of the charts. It was his overwhelming popularity with listeners and fans that drove album sales up to phenomenal levels. John landed a 12 year deal with Warner Brothers records that contributed $39 million over the period.

John performed the hit song “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds with John Lennon in 1974. This was a collaborative effort that paid off big for both musicians. Other popular hits included “Rocket Man,” Bennie and the Jets,” and “Tiny Dancer.” Part of John’s stage persona includes a colorful wardrobe and large eyeglasses of a variety of styles. He possesses a stage presence that is both humble and sprinkled with humor. Fans enjoy not only his music, but the instant rapport that he is able to gain with his audiences. Elton John’s caring personality shines through on the stage, endearing him even more with his fan base.

Elton has also performed his music as score for “The Lion King, winning a Grammy,” and “Road to ElDorado.” His version of “Candle in the Wind,” as sung by him at the funeral of Princess Diana went to the top of the charts and became a best seller. John has spent years on tour in various countries because of his world wide fame and fan base. Elton has sold more than an astounding 250 million albums in his career that has been going strong for over 50 years.

About Elton John

Elton married Renata Blauel, German recording engineer, as he attempted to live his life as a straight man because of social pressures he felt at the time. When he realized that he was simply not heterosexual, he divorced her in 1988. He became involved with film maker David Furnish in 1993. They established a civil partnership in 2005 because the laws at the time in England, prohibited gay marriages. When the legislation passed for the legalization of same sex marriage, Elton and David were legally married in late 2014. The couple has two sons named Elijah and Zachary.

John earned fame for his talent as a musician, singer and songwriter with the public. He was also friends with members of the royal family of England. Queen Elizabeth II knighted him in 1998, granting him the title of Sir Elton John. He continues to support many charities financially and through personal endorsements. He is a huge supporter of AIDS research, and makes generous donations to assist people who are afflicted with the disease. He also supports the rights of gay people to be treated without discrimination from both cultural and legal perspectives as this is a road that he has walked down personally. Elton continues to amass his fortune that has been earned through hard work and a lot of talent. He continues to perform for audiences of all ages who enjoy his music world wide.