Ice Cube Net Worth

Net Worth: $140 Million

  • Full Name: O’Shea Jackson
  • Born: 06/15/ 1969
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Occupation: Rapper, Actor, Songwriter,
    Record Producer, Screenwriter, Film Producer,
    Television producer, Film Score Composer,
    Film director, Voice Actor
  • Marital Status: Married with children

Ice Cube’s Net Worth History:

Ice Cube was a musical prodigy from South Central L.A. where he began writing rap songs and formed a hip-hop group called “CIA” while attending college in the early 1980’s. He was heard by the popular hip-hop producer, Dr. Dre, who joined with him in producing the N.W.A. Group. Ice Cube performed successfully with the group until 1989, when he left to start his solo song writing career. He wrote top performing hip-hop tunes and was the first rapper to have his records go gold and platinum. Ice Cube’s most popular album was The Predator, which was written and recorded in response to the 1992 Los Angeles riots. The Predator became the first album in history to debut as both an award winning pop and R&B release. Ice Cube became in great demand for his acting, directing, and writing. He has appeared in award winning movies like Three Kings, Boyz In The Hood, XXX-State of the Union, Anaconda and more. Ice Cube produced winning films like Friday and its sequels; Barbershop and its sequels; and Are We There Yet and its sequels. Ice Cube is the owner of the successful CubeVision Production Company and owns his own record label – Lench Mob Records, which has produced many artists, like the talented rapper Yo-Yo. Ice Cube has a unique popular clothing line, called Solo by Cube and he has many different lucrative endorsement deals.

About Ice Cube:

O’Shea Jackson was given the nickname Ice Cube, when he was growing up in L.A., which he has legally made permanent. He was born to Doris Benjamin, a UCLA custodian and hospital clerk, and Hosea Jackson, a UCLA groundskeeper. He graduated from William Howard Taft High school in Woodland Hills, California. He is married to Kimberly Woodruff and they have 4 children. He also attended the Hawthorne Christian School in Los Angeles, California and the Phoenix Institute of Technology in 1987, where he studied architectural drafting.

Growing up in South Central, not far from the Compton neighborhood, Ice with some of his friends, got into trouble committing a few petty crimes, but he was not involved in any serious gang violence. Ice Cube’s affiliation with N.W.A. was a monumental success with hard hitting, raw hits after hits. Ice has exchanged his defiant, bring the “man” to task scowl to a more mature and sensible artist. His transition from touring in rap and hip-hop venues, into film was a pretty easy move.

Ice Cube is considered a great actor to work with, who is easy going and who knows how to hit his marks and develop his lines. Ice Cube has worked with top winning actors and actresses, like Laurence Fishburne, Jennifer Lopez, Channing Tatum, George Clooney, Queen Latifah, Vin Diesel, Anne Heche, Loretta Devine, Ice-T, and so many many more.

Ice Cube wrote many songs that were featured as song tracks for over 80 successful films in every genre of drama, documentaries, and comedies, some of which he also acted in. In addition to his earlier song writing compilation in films like New Jack City, The Freshman, and Boyz n the Hood, other popular films that he wrote song tracks for included Bridesmaids, 21 Jump Street, Fame, Grand Theft Auto V, Horrible Bosses 2, Anaconda, 22 Jump Street, and The Vampire Diaries, plus many more.

Still married, Ice Cube has thriving business ventures and he is still a great creative force as he turns everything he touches into marketable projects. He is a dedicated family man and he is currently being portrayed by his real life son O’Shea Jackson, Jr., in the blockbuster film “Straight Outta Compton,” who looks just like his daddy! This movie depicts the rise, fame, and historical place that N.W.A. played in the earlier days of pop culture, revolutionary music, and the bare truth of the people who lived in the notorious Compton neighborhood.