JadaKiss – Net Worth

Net Worth: $6 Million

  • Real Name- Jason Phillips
  • Born- May 27th 1975
  • Birthplace- Yonkers, New York
  • Occupation- Rapper, Record Producer
  • Marital Status- Single

JadaKiss – Net Worth  History

Jadakiss began his career in the streets and eventually won a contest in Florida where he was discovered for his talents. He then began a career even collaborating with Christopher Wallace and having a very close friendship with the Notorious BIG.

Jadakiss has remained with his recording group called “The Lox” since those years and collaborated with Puff Daddy among other greats of this time in blast out rap music that happened in the mid ninties. His solo efforts are what has grown into super stardom for the rapper.

Jadakiss has also collaborated with many name dropping recording artists such as Mary J. Blige and Fabolous. Other acts he has been associated with are Ludacris, Busta Rhymes , Fat Joe and Bun B of UGK Fame. Keeping it real and fresh he records as much as possible so his net worth keeps on growing in style.

Jadakiss has faced some legal issues with gun possession charges and marijuana charges but has kept on recording despite these issues and even began a collective media company called SoRaspy. His fame really took off when controversy with Rapper 50 Cent was aided by the media in a feud that was on stage and off stage for quite a while. The feud ended with the pair singing on stage together and ending the controversy that was fueled by remarks and recordings directed at 50 Cent and Fat Joe who also came out of the nineties blast of new talent in the rap industry.

Jadakiss has a serious work ethic and has also tangled with media mogul Bill O’Reilly for public notoriety keeping him in the public eye. Bill O’Reilly called Jadakiss a smear merchant which only fueled Jada to record more controversial lyrics and was even more in the media for his antics and his reputation as a bad boy.

With only four major albums Jadakiss has kept his net worth growing by releasing mixtapes as often as possible bringing his fans in closer and keeping them loyal to his brand of hip hop entertainment. Even though he has had brushes with the law over drugs and guns he remains untouchable with this fans who are very loyal.

Jadakiss keeps his music constantly flowing and this is one of the reasons he is and has been keeping his net worth in the millions. Besides recording solo projects he also records with his band called The LOX.

Jadakiss is also very involved in his online media company “SoRaspy” which has also introduced a record label, apparel and a YouTube channel for the rap star. JadaKiss keeps the music coming with a serious love for the songs he produces and his public cannot get enough waiting on World Star Hip Hop for another big dose of Jadakiss.

Jadakiss has also started a business which became quite famous in his home town of Yonkers and it is called “Juice for Life.” Being a hard core rapper and entertainer as well as media and entrepreneur has kept this artist growing in net worth for many years.