Justin Bieber Net Worth

Net Worth: $200 Million

  • Full Name: Justin Drew Bieber
  • Born: 03/01/1994
  • Place of Birth: London, Ontario, Canada
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter
  • Marital Status: Single

Justin Biebers Net Worth History

Justin Bieber has three platinum selling albums and 20 Billboard chart topping hits. This young artist has sold close to 15 million albums and has generated over $83 million in concert sales. He has a staggering over 3.75 billion YouTube views and he can command millions for his appearances in films and television. He is also a songwriter that is able to generate millions as well.

Bieber started earning at least $50 million dollars every year Starting in 2012, Bieber was earning at least $50 million dollars a year from his music sales, product endorsements, merchandise and business ventures. In 2011, Bieber was considered the 2nd highest paid entertainer on the planet under the age of 30. He made a whopping $53 million dollars by this time. Bieber has so much money at his disposal that some sources claim that he is spending at least $1 million dollars a month.

Some of his biggest songs to date includes “One less Lonely Girl”, “Mistletoe”, “Boyfriend” and “Never say Never”. Each of these songs have been downloaded by millions of users. They have helped beaver to amass his fortune. To date, people are still continuously listening to his singles.

Justin Bieber is considered one of the top 10 entertainers on the planet. His music and influence is staggering that it transcends international boarders. Many people on different parts of the globe pay to see Bieber perform live in concerts. Many companies want to work with Bieber because he is the real deal. So, they have him promote their products and services for a huge fee. Bieber released a film titled “Never say Never” and it amassed over $100 million dollars in box office sales world wide. He released his own personal fragrance that had generated $60 million dollars in the first 6 months of its release to the public.

People might not realize this but Bieber is a money generating star who can literally turn just about anything he does into a lot of cash. He also has investments and numerous other business ventures that constantly adds to his impressive financial empire. As a matter of fact, sources close to Bieber claims that the young star is investing heavily into tech start up companies. If they have his backing they will probably be successful ventures. The truth is, Bieber is more than just a musical entertainer, he is also a business genius that can literally make millions on a whim.

About Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is only 21 years old and is one of the most well known people on the planet. Some of his videos have garnered over 2 billion views. That is mind blowing. Artists such as Lady Gaga and the former Michael Jackson could only generate those kind of numbers. Bieber’s reach is mind blowing. People should keep their open for Justin Bieber in the coming future because this guy is going to continue to make it big for many years to come.