Kid Rock Net Worth

Net Worth: $80 Million

  • Full Name: Robert James Ritchie
  • Born: 01/17/1971
  • Place of Birth: Romeo, Michigan
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Marital Status: Divorced

Kid Rock Net Worth History

One of the best-selling solo musicians of the 2000s, Kid Rock has released a number of albums, EPs, and singles. He has sold 25 millions albums worldwide and has been nominated for five Grammy Awards. He has amassed his wealth thanks to his popularity in a variety of musical genres, including rap, hip hop, country, blues, and rock. His best-selling album, Devil Without A Cause, which was released in 1998, sold 13 million copies.

About Kid Rock

Born in Romeo, Michigan in 1971 to William and Susan Ritchie, Kid Rock grew up on the family apple orchard. His childhood included helping around the orchard regularly with chores such as picking apples and caring for the horses. He did not enjoy living in a small town, so he learned to break dance and began participating in talent shows in Detroit. When he was eleven, he joined a break dance troupe and taught himself how to use a turntable. Once in high school, he began to be the DJ at local parties, until he eventually joined with a professional. During his time as a DJ, he became known as Kid Rock. People who saw him DJ would make comments about watching that white kid rock, and the nickname Kid Rock stuck.

Throughout his musical career, Kid Rock has released music in a variety of genres. His first work as a musician was in the rap genre, when he participated in a group called The Beast Crew, which was founded by a man in his neighborhood as a way to keep the local kids out of trouble. It was in this group that Kid Rock was discovered, so his first work as a solo musician is in the rap genre.

After going through a rap phase, Kid Rock released music in the hip hop genre for seven years, from 1990 to 1997. During this phase, he had a son with Kelly South and named him Robert Ritchie, Junior. Kid Rock fell on hard times during his hip hop phase and was forced to sell albums from the back of his truck at one point.

After the hip hop phase, however, Kid Rock returned to the rap genre and he mixed in some music from the rock genre. He enjoyed greater success in this phase than during the earlier hip hop time. During this time he released his most successful album, Devil Without A Cause. While the album was slow to sell at first, it was certified platinum within a year.

In 2003, Kid Rock decided to try out yet another genre of music. His album, named after himself, featured many songs that were of a Southern rock style and some that were country. During this time, he released his album Rock n Roll Jesus, which was his first album to reach the number one spot.

Since 2009, Kid Rock has been in a Heartland rock phase. During this time, Kid Rock has performed many concerts featuring several other music stars. He also went on a brief tour inspired by his song “Care.” The tour had twelve stops and the proceeds from each concert went to a different charity.

In 2001, Kid Rock began dating actress Pamela Anderson. The two were engaged in 2002, but called it off. Four years later, in 2006, Kid Rock and Anderson wed in a wedding that took the music industry by surprise. It was rumored that the reason for the wedding was due to an unplanned pregnancy, but a few months later it was announced that Anderson had miscarried. Only four months after the wedding, Anderson filed for divorce. A number of reasons have been cited as to the reason for the divorce, although none have ever been confirmed.