L A Reid Net Worth

Net Worth: $300 Million

  • Full Name: Antonio M. Reid
  • Born: 06/07/1956
  • Place Of Birth: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Occupation: Music producer, songwriter, musician
  • Marital status: Married

L A Reid Net Worth History

L A Reid made his net worth by being a musician, record producer, songwriter, music executive, as well as a former judge on the X Factor. He also acquired his net worth when he formed LaFace Records with singer/songwriter/producer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. L A Reid is currently running Epic Records which is also how he has obtained his wealth.

About L A Reid

Before L A Reid became a music executive, he was a musician. He was a drummer in the funk/rock group Pure Essence in the 70s. They had one single before he left the group. Reid had more success when he joined the group The Deele in the 80s. The group is known for their single Two Occasions and Shoot Em Up Movies. The Deele broke up before the release of Two Occasions, but got back together to promote the single. This is where L A Reid met his partner Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds.

While L A and Babyface were still in The Deele, they wrote and produced songs for other artists. They worked with Pebbles, Midnight Star, The Whispers, as well as other artists. Once the duo left The Deele, they formed the record company LaFace Records. The company was formed through Arista Records.

L A Reid and Babyface discovered several artists on their label. Some of the artists include Usher, Toni Braxton, OutKast, TLC, Pink, Goodie Mob, as well as other artists. The label found a lot of success with their artists. They wrote and produced for their artists on the label.

In addition to working with their artists, they worked with other artists. Some of the people they worked with are Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill, Boyz II Men, Karyn White, After 7, as well as many other artists. The duo also worked on hit soundtracks such as The Bodyguard and Boomerang.

LaFace Records had its share of problems despite being a successful company. TLC and Toni Braxton claimed they were bankrupt and sued L A Reid and Babyface. After the controversy, Reid and Babyface sold their stake in the company and stopped writing together.

Once LaFace was finished, L A continued to be a music executive. He replaced Clive Davis at Arista Records in 2000. This made him one of the richest African American executives in the music business. While he was running Arista, he famously made a $100 million deal with Whitney Houston. While he was at Arista, he discovered Avril Lavigne. He also helped change Pink’s musical style which made her a bigger name. Reid didn’t stay at Arista Records long.

After he left Arista, he worked at Epic Records. He was also a judge on the reality show The X Factor for two seasons. During this time, he helped discover Internet sensation Justin Beiber. Reid went on to become an executive at Epic Records.

L A Reid faced controversy involving his personal life. He was married to singer Pebbles in the 90s. The marriage produced his first child. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last very long. They were divorced just before their sixth wedding anniversary. Pebbles has accused the producer of infidelity. She claimed that he had an affair with TLC member Chilli. He has since remarried to a former school teacher named Erica. The couple have four kids.