Lil Boosie – Net Worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

  • Real Name- Torrence Hatch
  • Born- November 14th 1982
  • Birthplace- Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Occupation- Rapper, Record Producer, Songwriter
  • Marital Status- Walnita Decuir

Lil Boosie – Net Worth History

Lil Boosie has gone by a couple of nicknames over the span of his career as a rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Boosie Badazz is also one of his stage names. He is a rapper from the streets who writes and has released many recordings even during his incarceration.

In several interviews he states how he got started on the underground scene in Baton Rouge and began from there and kept on recording and writing new songs to keep his act fresh in and air for his fans.

The secret to Lil Boosie’s net worth is his work ethic on his music and is also praised for this from fans and interviewers alike who have interviewed him. Lil Boosie was incarcerated on drug charges in 2008 and given a serious prison sentence on one of his charges that was to be eight years long. He was also tried for murder but found not guilty of those charges.

Even with lengthy legal troubles Torrence has kept his music going with much enthusiasm and rapping about what his fans love most which is his life growing up in Baton Rouge. Lil Boosie does not encourage his fans to do as he has done with drugs in fact, he tells fans to stay away from them and do things the straight way. His music is only his life and he does not want fans emulating how he has made his net worth except his work ethic on his music.

Lil Boosie has an even stronger fan base who cried for his freedom in all of their statements regarding the troubled rapper. He keeps on writing, singing and producing mix tapes constantly even through every thing he has been through. Lil Boosie has also collaborated with many famous rappers such as Webbie and Pimp C from UGK. He has also helped several rappers get on the scene through the collaborations on mixtapes through out the years.

He started his serious career with Trill Entertainment backed by Pimp C and has rolled out so much music for his fans he keeps in the public eye with new releases and new collaborations. In 2008 he opened his own record label called “Bad Azz” Entertainment along with Bad Azz Music with the help of his manager. They also began Bad Azz Music Syndicate as well as the former two labels.

His collaborations go across lines to feature soul singers such as Trey Songz so he can appeal to a wider audience with his songs and mixtapes. After being released and cleared on some of his legal troubles he has been out of the business for a bit but has appeared in several films as well as recorded music from prison in 2010 for his dedicated fans. He has a talent for writing and recording good rap music but does speak loudly in interviews his music is for adults and wants kids on the street to live life in a better way than he has lived his thus far wanting better for his fans. Many interviewers find this admirable when interviewing Boosie and have him quite frequently telling his story for his wide fan base that keeps his net worth growing.