Lil Jon -Net Worth

Net Worth: $28 Million

  • Real Name- Jonathan Mortimer Smith
  • Born- January 17th 1971
  • Birthplace- Atlanta, Georgia
  • Occupation- Rapper, Entertainer, Record Producer
  • Marital Status- Married- Nicole Smith in 2004

Lil Jon -Net Worth History

Lil Jon is no stranger to the music business. His appearances afford him a life style befitting the “King of Crunk.” Jonathan Mortimer began his career right after high school playing gigs in Atlanta night clubs. Thus began his career for So So Def Recordings for over seven years.

Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz have grossed many millions as this act began with Mirror Image records. They have produced many side projects together with the “Ying Yang” twins for multimillion dollar success. Their debut song “Get Crunk Who U Wit” came out at number seventy on billboards across the nation starting a sweep of love for the team of rappers headed by Lil Jon.

Lil Jon has become legendary in his career for his favorite line “OOOOKAYYYY” it is his signature and if you hear it you know just who it is. Old and young fans alike love Lil Jon for his charisma and stage presence. Katt Williams has even guest starred Lil Jon on one of his specials. Lil Jon has performed with Red Fu for the single “shots” which became a mega hit over night.

There is no stopping his popularity with his admitted influences being 2 Live Crew and Three Six Mafia to name a few. The King of Crunk has seen bankruptcy court but his net worth remains the same as he pulls in quite a bit just for an appearance in collaboration with other huge stars on stage and screen.

Lil Jon began being a valuable commodity for film appearances in 2004 in Soul Plane. He has steadily been in films every year after that first appearance. Scary Movie 4 and Celebrity Apprentice have seen their share of Lil Jon and his charisma makes the scene. Comedy is a specialty of Lil Jon adding even more to his character over the years.

Lil Jon also made an appearance on Chappelle’s Show in 2004 igniting his career even further. Lil Jon is and was considered part of the Atlanta boom that hit the music waves in 2004 with bands such as Outkast and countless others. Lil Jon has rolled with the waves and at 44 does not plan on stopping. He has a serious work ethic which keeps him alive and on top. His recent quote was rather telling of his plans to stay on his fame and what his secret was for staying power. “Every few years, I’ll connect with somebody and put out a record with somebody that keeps me relevant. It’s also about working really hard.”

Working hard is the theme of the day for the 44 year old King of Crunk. Lil Jon collaborates with the hottest most up to date musical acts in each of his projects. This little secret keeps him out there and building a net worth. Each new song he builds a new fan base coming up and up through the generations. What a way to stay the King of Crunk.