Lil Kim- Net Worth

Net Worth: $18 Million

  • Real Name – Kimberly Denise Jones
  • Born – July 11th, 1975
  • Birthplace – Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York
  • Occupation- Rapper, Reality Television Star, Actress
  • Marital Status – Single

Lil Kim- Net Worth History

Lil Kim is reported to be one of the highest paid female rappers in the business. She began her career under Biggie Smalls learning the hard beats on the street and making mix tapes with many Big Named Rappers in the business.

Biggie Smalls claimed her as his personal student and she became a sensation after his death and her involvement with him in the studio and out of the studio. Lil Kim has made several successful projects even through her legal troubles.

Lil Kim has often made headlines and isn’t stopping yet. Her legal troubles stemmed from her refusal to testify against a friend in a murder trial. She went down in contempt and served her sentence even premiering a show on BET as the beginning of her sentence.

Biggie Smalls otherwise known as Christopher Wallace was the influence in Lil Kim’s life. She even paid tribute to him in one of her projects called “The Notorious Lil Kim.” It has been reported that their relationship was a very special one indeed. Christopher Wallace aka Notorious BIG aka Biggie Smalls was murdered mercilessly during a time of unrest in the rapping world.

The unrest was known as “East Coast Vs. West Coast” and several people lost their lives in the competition. Tupac Shakur was also murdered in the scuffle of those years in the rap arena. The beginnings were no easy place to begin and Lil Kim began under Christopher Wallace with the purpose she now holds in place. Being the highest paid female rapper came with a cost and that cost has been dear but she remains a legendary talent and name in the business.

It has also been said that her relationship with Christopher though a business one was also a friendship that lasted until his death. He reportedly called her four days before his murder to tell her that he loved her.

Lil Kim stays in the spotlight with her now ongoing battle with Nicki Minaj. Believing that Nicki has stolen her “swag” they fight back and forth in verse and in interviews. Imitation maybe the best form of flattery but Lil Kim believes she should get paid for it and in no uncertain terms does not take kindly to the likenesses Minaj has used in her act.

Controversy surrounds this rap star but her music and verse always show up to stage. She is a rapper and musician however she has made several guest appearances in film. Her filmography has become part of her career and the beat goes on. The feud she is now embroiled in with Minaj has become the topic of interest to other huge talents in Pop Culture with many people siding with their favorite between the two rappers but ultimately leaving it between the ladies and their “crews.” Lil Kim is still the “Queen Bee” and always will be.