Ll Cool J Net Worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

  • Full Name: James Todd Smith
  • Born: 01/14/1968
  • Place of Birth: Bay Shore, New York
  • Occupation: rapper, entrepreneur and actor
  • Marital Status: Married with 4 children

LL Cool J Net Worth History

LL Cool J is a rapper and actor that has been in the business for a little over 30 years. He has made 13 albums during his lifetime and he has been acting since 1985. When LL Cool J first started he burst onto the scene with a cameo appearance in the film Krush Groove. This movie was about Run DMC who was the world’s biggest rap act at the time. During his cameo in the movie, LL was auditioning for a record label. People everywhere took notice of this rapper at this point and the rest is history.

LL released Radio in 1985 and it took the country by storm. Cool J’s album went platinum and put LL on the map. In 1987 he released Bigger and Deffer which outsold his first release. Shortly thereafter he released Walking with a Panther (1989) and then Mama Said Knock you Out by 1990. All four of these albums did extremely well during their time and they helped to cement Cool J’s legacy as a certified hit maker. LL has made millions off these albums and was guaranteed to make millions more after every album he released from this point onward.

LL’s popularity started to wane in the mid to late 90s but he was still able to generate millions from his releases. Starting in 1993 until 2000 he released four albums and they included 14 Shots to the Dome (1993), Mr. Smith (1995), Phenomenon (1997) and G.O.A.T in 2000. By this time Cool J had already started to focus more on his acting career.

Once again LL did a cameo in the film Krush Groove in 1985 and then moved on to Wildcats in 1987. This film earned $26 million and did fairly well at the box office in terms of sales but not critic reviews. In 1991 he appeared in the film the Hard Way and it did well at the box office making close to $66 million dollars. He made Toys with Robin Williams and John Cussack in 1992 but it was a box office bust. The film only generated $23 million. Cool J had a string of other films that did not do well in theaters but he continued to keep acting. It was not until 1998 when Halloween H20: 20 Years Later was released that Cool J found success in films. This particular movie made $73 million dollars in box office sales and was considered a hit.

H20 also helped him to pave the way for another hit movie in 2000 titled the Deep Blue Sea. This film earned $164 million. Cool J had appeared in two more films that year; In Too Deep and Any Given Sunday. In Too Deep flopped at the box office but Any Given Sunday with Al Pacino was a huge success earning $100 million dollar. During the 90s LL had joined the sitcom In the House and went on to become a house hold name in America. This show helped to keep his acting ability up to par and it paved the way for more opportunities.

Cool J’s next big blockbuster film came in 2003 with the release of the film S.W.A.T. This movie earned $207 million as the box office. This would be LL’s biggest money making film to date. He has appeared in other films since S.W.A.T but they never earned as much as that filmed had grossed. Cool J once again took to television and joined the cast of NCIS: Los Angeles in 2006. He has been on this program since 2006 and earns a reported $150,000 per episode.

People might not know this but LL Cool J has endorsed products over the years and has wisely invested his money into different ventures. Cool J is well worth his estimated $100 million dollar value. Many industry insiders consider him to be one of the richest rappers in the business.

About LL Cool J

LL Cool J never had a job other than the one he is doing right now. He briefly worked as a paper boy before he became famous during his late teens. Think about this, most people have to work regular jobs to make ends meet but this guy is one of the rare few people in this world that did not have to experience this type of situation. Even though Cool J never worked at a regular job other than being a paper boy people can immediately tell that he is a hard worker and that he takes his music and acting seriously.