Mac Miller Net Worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

  • Full Name: Malcolm James McCormick
  • Born: January 19, 1992
  • Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Occupation: Rapper, record producer
  • Marital Status: Single

Mac Miller’s Net Worth History

Mac Miller started rapping when he was fourteen years old. In 2010, his “Incredibly Dope Tour” sold out at every location, and he won two music awards. In 2011, he appeared on television playing a young rapper. Although his digital recordings have sold well online, some attribute his fast earnings to his successful self-promotion: he keeps more of his earnings from I-Tunes “records” than musicians whose recordings are produced and distributed by others. His web site distributes clothes as well as music recordings and tickets, available one to three months in advance, for his performance tour.

About Mac Miller

Since the age of fifteen, Mac Miller has made rapping a full-time career. When he’s allowed himself a break from writing, performing, recording, producing, and publicizing his rap songs, he has…recorded instrumental tunes, or “crooning” jazz songs (“Larry Lovestein and the Velvet Revival”), instead. In a twist on the usual high school success story, Miller has said that he used to be interested in playing sports and having a social life, but rapping changed his life and he lost interest in all that.

While none of his recordings was released as a traditional “record,” his digital recordings “Blue Slide Park,” “Knock Knock,” “Party on Fifth Avenue,” and “Loud” reached RIAA Gold sales figures; “Donald Trump” reached the platinum level, and “The Way” went “3x Platinum.”

Such constant focus on music, mostly digitally mixed solos at that, at such an early age, might be stressful. Miller has admitted that it was. After being arrested for possession of marijuana, he experimented with drinking large amounts of prescription strength cough syrup for its sedative benefits. (The cough syrup that is often abused in this way contains codeine and promethazine.) Mac Miller initially called this still legal street opiate “great” and reportedly drank more of it than other users, but soon found it addictive and had to stop using it. At twenty-three, he seems to be trying to manage the stress of a busy tour schedule, plus producing his own records, all on his own.

While Mac Miller seems to have opted for playing nice, paying tribute to other musicians rather than “dissing” and “feuding,” he has not overlooked the publicity value of controversy. In addition to his taunting song “Donald Trump,” he engaged in a copyright lawsuit with Lord Finesse and settled out of court on undisclosed terms.

Mac Miller’s other publicized relationships include personal friendship with Wiz Khalifa, performance with Beedie, recordings with Maroon 5, Talib Kweli, Cool Kids, Bun B, Schoolboy Q, and Pharrell Williams, and tours with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. He lists Big L, Lauryn Hill, Outkast, the Beastie Boys, and A Tribe Called Quest as influences on his music. He admits having found time for one romantic relationship, referenced in some of his songs, but reported that the romance ended in 2013 and is not publicizing any new girlfriends. The social life this music entrepreneur is willing to discuss consists of networking.

Miller’s plan to release “GO:OD A.M.” in September 2015 seems to be proceeding on schedule, at the time of writing, and the music video “100 Grandkids” is available from According to that site, he schedules five concerts a week, with five North American bookings (two countries) and five European (five countries) during the last two weeks of September-October 2015.