Marilyn Manson Net Worth

Net Worth: $25 Million

  • Full Name: Brian Hugh Warner
  • Born: January 5, 1969
  • Place of Birth: Canton, Ohio
  • Occupation: Musician
  • Marital Status: Divorced

Marilyn Manson Net Worth History

Manson has made the majority of his fortune through the royalties generated my his music, and has been a professional artist for nearly twenty years. Exploding onto the scene in the late 90’s, although he had established a significant cult following in years prior, his hard hitting sound saw him post significant critical and popular success. With thirteen albums to his name by 2015 that saw mixed reception, he has also branched out into acting, music production and a variety of other sidelines. Compared to other artists of his profile $25m may seem a little on the light side – some actors earn that per movie – but Manson has plenty of years let to continue letting his music do the talking.

About Marilyn Manson

Despite often coming over as highly articulate, educated and peaceable during interviews Manson has made his career based upon telling tales of suffering and anguish from his own experiences. His music may sound aggressive and violent to the untrained ear, but the lyrical expertise and song composition have led to many in the know to compare his style to poetry. His autobiography goes into significant depth about the trials, tribulations and pain that he and others have felt during his life.

Manson generated a great buzz when he went mainstream, for while previous metal and alternative groups had played with satanic/evil/dark iconography Manson seemed like he really meant it. Some sections of the media – and many non-metal fans – struggled to find the appeal and synthesize what he was trying to do apart from embody evil. Such was the moral outrage in some sections he as even associated as being one of the factors behind motivating the perpetrators of the Columbine school massacre. Manson himself was so stunned by this association he went as far as to appear on Michael Moore’s documentary based around the atrocity – his quiet and thoughtfully compassionate interview was for many the highlight of the film.

Yet once an image is formed it can be difficult to break – not that Manson has ever tried or voiced any desire to do so. Slowing down his musical output in the new millennium, he chose to partake in a wide variety of projects that appealed to his nature. This stretched far and wide and made only a semblance of concern to profit – for Manson his financial security was fairly satisfied and now he had a freedom to search new interests. There have been many likenesses of Manson in video games, but it has been his motif since 2005 to really focus on film and art – with mixed results. He has appeared in several movies and TV shows, yet still there’s a lasting hunch that the only reason he has been cast is because – he’s Marilyn Manson.

Some of his band have struggled with Manson’s desire to lean away from music, and the musician has found himself needing to pay out in lawsuits where it has been asserted that he exploited his image to nullify the contribution of other members. Likewise his relationships have been patchy, a marriage to Dita von Teese in 2005 lasted only a year, claimed allegedly to have come around due to the star’s excessive drinking. There’s little question that Manson did go through a difficult experience with alcohol – he even founded his own brand of absinthe (poorly received and now defunct), yet appears to have found his senses again in more recent years.

So for Manson he can be sure that he’ll be secure and free to do his thing – whatever that involves – for the future. His place in cultural history will so far likely be remembered more for the shock factor and power of his image more than breaking open a whole new genre.