Method Man Net Worth

Net Worth: $28 Million

  • Full Name: Clifford Smith
  • Born: (03/02/1971)
  • Place of Birth: Hempstead, New York (USA)
  • Occupation: Rapper, producer, actor
  • Marital Status: Married. Have three children.

Method Man Net Worth History

Even as Method man, whose real name is Clifford Smith, is identified mostly as a hip hop vocal artist, he has lots more in his kitty that has won him a net worth of approximately 28 million USD.

The multi-talented artist has been an exceptional musician, producer and an integral part of the group Wu Tang. He accompanies Redman in the rap group. A common query that arises in the minds of most of his fans is the origin of this “technical nickname” for the rapper. Very few are aware that this name came off the character he played in his film titled “The fearless young boxer”. The film had hit theatres in 1979.

His acting career has also had a significant contribution to the money-spinning. He recently made an appearance in the film “Red Tails”, which was produced by George Lucas. The hip hop star has been credited and loved worldwide for his enticing performances that drive the audience crazy.

His other popular flicks included “How High” and “Belly”. He made a remarkable appearance in “The Wire”. Unlike many other multi-faceted stars in the country, Method Man has made the most of his efficiency in balancing out his focus on both singing as well as playing. This is one of the prime reasons for his shining net worth.

Method Man’s association with films like “Garden State” and “The Wackness” created history. He gained popularity with his first record titled “Tical”. It was composed by “Def Jam” and went on air in 1994.

This record made a remarkable sale touching the 1 million mark in the US alone. He has also been a recipient of Grammy awards in the category of “Best Rap performance by Duet”.

He currently resides in Staten Island in a palatial house in New York and owns Mercedes 2003 SL55 AMG- one of the most luxurious models in Mercedes’ productions.

About Method Man

Method Man, whose real name is Clifford Smith, derived this nickname from his 1979’s flick. An American rapper, record producer and a celebrated actor, Method Man has been ruling hearts since a very early age.

He is one of the youngest American stars to have won a Grammy Award. He was awarded for his record “I’ll be there for you” in the category of Best Rap Performance by Duo.

His career in music remained at peak between 1992 and 1996 where he also released his solo debut “Tical”. His career in acting, meanwhile, flourished after 2000.

He made striking appearance on the smaller screen (television) being recognised in shows like OZ, Tug Daniels, The Wire and The Twilight Zone.

Method Man’s personal life, however, remained more of the closed door for media as he hardly preferred talking about his family on the large screen. His wife has battled breast cancer and he kept many of his close friends and family members also aloof of the information.

The legend has also courted some controversies in his career involving alleged “tax evasions”, for which he remained in jail as well for a brief period. In 2009, he was accused of failing to file income tax returns for three years and the pending tax amounted closely to 33,000 USD.