Mick Jagger Net Worth

Net Worth: $360 Million

  • Full Name: Michael Phillip Jagger
  • Date of Birth: July 26, 1943
  • Place of Birth: Dartford, Kent, England
  • Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Film Producer,
    Film Score Composer, Screenwriter
  • Marital Status: currently not married

Net Worth History of Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger is deemed one of the most influential and popular British musicians of all times. Most of his net worth is due to his famous music career. Jagger is an icon and immediately recognized as the lead singer of the great rock ‘n roll band, known as the Rolling Stones. His stamina, creativity and high energy performances over the last 50 plus years are unmatched by anyone, even today.

It was recorded that the most recent tour of the Rolling Stones grossed over 558 million dollars. Jagger is a very talented musical artist and he is paid handsomely for sharing his gift with the world. The Rolling Stones are the highest earning rock and roll band in music history. Over the last 50 years, the average Rolling Stones concert grossed between 750 million and 1 (one) billion American dollars.
In addition to his singing career, Mick Jagger also produced, as well as acted in several films which added to his total net worth totaling 360 million dollars. He still makes television appearances now and again.

In 1985, Jagger branched out and began a solo career and has since launched five (5) solo albums and fifteen (15) singles. “She’s the Boss”, “Wandering Spirit” and “Goddess in the Doorway” are a few solo recordings of Jagger’s that are worth mentioning.

About Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger is 72 years old and he has fathered seven children with four different women. Jagger was married twice and neither one lasted more than 10 years.

Mick Jagger went to grade school with Keith Richards and they remained lifelong friends and band mates.
Jagger attended the London School of Economics, but never finished as he dropped out to put all his energy into the Rolling Stones. In addition to his distinctive voice, Sir Mick Jagger also plays the tambourine, piano, guitar and harmonica.

He is a big fan of The Beach Boys and says that one of his favorite past times is mediating.
Mick Jagger is most famously known for his full luscious lips and thin waist (28 inches). You may be wondering: how does he remain so skinny? It is easy really, because during a single show, he covers about 12 miles with his walking, running, dancing and on stage jumping.

In 1993, Mick Jagger along with his friend and fellow band member, Keith Richards, were inducted in the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Mick Jagger has been the lead vocalist for The Rolling Stones for the since their inception in the 1960’s. He has graced the front cover the famous Rolling Stone Magazine twenty (20) times, the first being in 1968. Jagger was quoted in saying that “as long as my face is on the cover page, I do not care what is said about me on page fifteen”.

Mick Jagger speaks fluent French and Mick Jagger is also a “Sir” as he was knighted on December 12, 2003 by Prince Charles.