Nelly Net Worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

  • Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr.
  • Born November 2, 1974
  • Born in Austin, Texas
  • Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Actor
  • Marital Status- Single, past girlfriends
    include singer Ashanti, Lashontae Heckard, and
    current girlfriend Shantel Jackson

Nelly Net Worth History-

Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr., better known in the music industry as Nelly, signed his fist record deal at the young age of twenty-five. He launched his solo career in 2000, with the release of his debut album Country Grammar. Even though he had been part of the St. Lunatics based in the Midwest metropolis of St. Louis, Missouri, since 1993, he worked for six years before being signed with the St. Lunatics to Universal Records in 1999. At this time, the hip hop music scene was dominated by West and East coast rappers. Universal Records quickly marketed Nelly as the star rapper from the Midwest. With his release of the title track to his debut album, Country Grammar jumped to number 3 on the Billboard 200. Other singles soared on the album as well, certifying it 9x platinum on April 27, 2004. In 2002, the release of Nelly`s second album Nellyville debuted in the number 1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 Music Albums. With 7.6 million records sold worldwide, Nellyville certified 6x multi-platinum in June of 2003. On his albums to follow, a slow country cross over featuring Tim McGraw became an instant hit. For the years following Nelly`s rise to super stardom, his albums continued to fly off the shelves. Fellow artists flocked to collaborate with the Midwest St. Louis star rapper.

About Nelly-

Besides his numerous successful albums, Nelly film debut was in 2001, in an independent film Snipes. His big film debut came with his appearance in the 2005, remake of The Longest Yard along with Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. In 2008, Nelly also appeared in several guest roles in the CBS drama CSI: NY. He has also made appearances in the new 90210 series (2011) . In 2014, Nelly launched his own show titled Nellyville which is about his career and raising his four kids. Along with some acting from time to time, Nelly runs the non-profit organization 4Sho4Kids Foundation. The foundation attempts to educate African Americans and other minorities about the need for bone marrow transplants. Nelly`s sister worked along side with him until she lost her fight with leukemia in 2005. Other charity`s that Nelly has had a part in is Do Something`s Tackle Hunger campaign, which urges teens to fight hunger in America by donating one million pounds of food during the holiday season. Nelly and Nike have collaborated the release of the Air Deerty shoe (2003). Nelly not soon after, signed a show deal with Reebok. He has done ad campaigns for Milk and the For Motor Company. Nelly also has released his own energy drink called Pimp Juice which sold one million cans during the first two months after the introduction in August 2003. Nelly also owns his own clothing line, a female clothing line called Apple Bottom and Vokal, which carries mens clothing. In 2011, Nelly worked together with another college to create the Ex`treme Institute By Nelly, a musical production school in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri.