Skrillex – Net Worth

Net Worth: $16 Million

  • Real Name- Sonny John Moore
  • Born- January 15th 1988
  • Birthplace- Highland Park, Los Angeles, California
  • Occupation- DJ, Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer
  • Marital Status- Single

Skrillex – Net Worth History

Skrillex is a mixture of musical talent, road wisdom and pop culture. His career ignited after a stint in a band called “From First to Last.” Skrillex has rocked “Coachella” to packed stadiums since beginning his serious solo career in 2008.

About Skrillex

Sonny Moore was born in California and originally adopted. His parents homeschooled him for a few years due to bullying that was disrupting his studies and life. He began making serious music in his teenage years enrolled in an academy school that specialized in the arts. It was after this that the bullying began and it all makes sense now as he is one of the most known acts in the music industry at 27 years old.

The birth of his DJ name began in 2008 when he began playing clubs in California. He began performing as Skrillex while playing in clubs and gaining attention for his music. Sonny Moore has completed several projects during his career thus far with his latest project called “Jack U” which is made up of Skrillex and Diplo. Skrillex has revealed in interviews that his main influences have been “Aphex Twin,” “Warp” and “Squarepusher.”

Skrillex has toured with several acts such as “Innerpartysystem” to “Hollywood Undead” and has also toured with “DeadMau5” bringing them both to legendary status in the DJ arena. His mixture of beats and dubstep have made him one of the most popular solo acts today.

Sonny Moore aka Skrillex has also made the grammy winner’s list in 2012 and 2013. His grammys include “Best Dance Recording “ Best Dance/Electronica Album” and “Best Remixed Recording.” Having begun his solo career in 2008 he also began his own production company and his net worth grows more every day. Skrillex has surpassed the one billion views mark on Youtube in 2013. One of his projects called Recess produced a record hitting 47, 000 units its first week out.

Skrillex just announced his first recording tour across India. India has taken to Electronica like candy and is ready for the rising star to tour. Skrillex will tour with Diplo for the four city tour which is from Mumbai to Delhi. A legendary interview with Charlie Rose has also been completed and Skrillex admitted he is not a drug user. The amazing thing is Electronica and drugs go hand in hand but this DJ says no.

Skrillex sports his style valiantly with a taste of goth from the eighties he shines with his favorite color black at each performance. Skrillex is pop culture gold and his rising success with Diplo is bringing him even higher on the music scene. Lady Gaga and Britney Spears have even been seen with Skrillex for photo ops. Skrillex is also said to be one of the best collaborators with other artists because he gives them room to sport their style. This is the mark of a spectacular music producer on the rise.