Stevie Wonder’s Net Worth

Net Worth: $110 Million

  • Full Name: Stevland Hardaway Judkins (Morris)
  • Born: May 13, 1950
  • Place of Birth: Saginaw, Michigan
  • Occupation: Musician, Singer, Songwriter
  • Marital Status: Divorced (Twice)

Stevie Wonder’s Net Worth History

Since Stevie Wonder’s, over 50 year career, started at age 11, with his signing onto the Motown Label Tamla, his net worth history is a vast one. His first album was released under the Motown label at the age of twelve, titled “The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie”. Throughout the years he has recorded over 30 U.S. top ten hits. He has received over 22 Grammy Awards, countless nominations, the Lifetime Achievement Award and was the first entertainer under the Motown label to win an Academy Award. He has collaborated with countless artists, such as Ray Charles, Diana Ross and many more. He has sold over 100 million records and is best known for songs like, “Superstition” and “I Just Called to Say I Love You”.

Stevie Wonder’s popularity reached an even higher climax in the early to mid 1980’s. He collaboration with other artists, for charity, increased dramatically throughout that time. His duet with Bruce Springsteen on the “We Are the World” single, released to raise awareness of the poverty engulfing Ethiopia, was the largest collaboration of superstars of that era. Artists from every genre such as, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, Tina Turner, Dion Warwick as well as Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers, and Bob Dylan, the list goes on and on.

About Stevie Wonder

His involvement in political causes also peaked in the 80’s. He played a key role in the effort to make the birthday of the late Civil Rights Activist, Martin Luther King Jr. a National holiday. He also became very active in the Anti-apartheid movement and several other Black Civil Rights issues.

Stevie Wonder is a native of, Saginaw Michigan,later relocating to the Detroit area. While living in Saginaw he attended Saginaw High School, which is located on the lower East side of Saginaw. He was the third oldest of six children. Despite his blindness,[resulting from being six weeks premature which caused a condition called retinopathy of prematurity], he was considered a child prodigy. He is proficient in several musical instruments including bongos, he is primarily known for his Harmonica and Piano skills, as well as his vocals and revolutionary use of vocal synthesizers in his arrangements.

Stevie Wonder has been married twice. His first marriage lasted only two years in the early 70’s. He married former secretary of Motown Records, Syreeta Wright in 1970 and the couple divorced in 1972. He had no children with Syreeta Wright. It wasn’t until many years later that he remarried. This time it was to fashion designer Kai Millard (Morris). Married in 2001, their marriage however, lasted significantly longer than his first marriage. The couple married in 2001, had 2 sons Kailand and Mandla. Despite only the 2 marriages, Stevie Wonder has a total of 9 children.

There are some things that are not widely known about the great Stevie Wonder. Such as, he is the most awarded male Solo Artist in history, to date. He was inducted into The Soul Music Hall of Fame in December of 2012. He recorded a Jazz album under the Gordy Records lable “Eivets Rednow” [Stevie Wonder backwards]in 1968. Rolling Stone magazine declared him the 15th greatest Rock and Roll artist of all time, despite his usual classification as an Rhythm and Blues and Jazz perfomer.