Wacka Flocka net worth

Net Worth: $7 million

  • Full name: Jacquin James Malphurs
  • Birth: (05/31/1986)
  • Place of birth: South Jamaica, Queens, New York City,
    New York state
  • Occupation: Hardcore rapper, Gangsta rapper, and
    Dirty South rapper
  • Marital status: married

Wacka Flocka net worth history

Wacka Flocka has a net worth of $7 million that comes from his earnings as a rapper and singer of hip hop music. Perhaps the first thing he did before starting his music career was to change his name from Jacquin James Malphurs as Wacka Flocka is a moniker with much higher levels of street cred. Unusually for a rapper his career did not start in his native New York, or even Los Angeles but in Atlanta, Georgia. Flocka grew up listening to hip hop and rap so naturally set out to be a rapper himself.

Wacka Flocka has released four albums to date and he has gained a good following, and his loyal fans will add to his net worth for as long as they believe his music is exactly what they want to listen to.

Wacka Flocka’s mother, Debra Antney has worked in music management, and her links may have made it easier for him to gain a recording contract. That been said record company executives will not sign an act if they are not certain that act will make them money, no matter who they know. Antney used to manage the rapper Gucci Mane, and he was a strong influence musically on her son. Mane in some ways regarded Flocka as a protegee of his. They even went as far as recording an album together.

However the relationship between Flocka and Mane has got strained due to the latter firing Antney as his manager, then going to drop Flocka from his record label. The two have argued online and accused each other of doing things to harm the other one. The falling out between the pair has not proved too detrimental to the net worth of Wacka Flocka, mainly due to him signing a contract with a different record label. Indeed he released his fourth album in 2015.

Currently it seems that Flocka and Mane are back on speaking terms all there are ongoing legal issues between Antney and Mane, with Mane claiming that he was mismanaged and the victim of fraud and dishonest management.

The four albums that Wacka Flocka has released so far are his debut offering from 2010 Flockaveli, the 2011 opus Ferrari Boyz, 2012’s Triple F Life: Fans, Friends, & Family, and finally the 2015 offering Flockaveli II. Ferrari Boyz was the album that he recorded with Gucci Mane.

About Wacka Flocka

Flocka was born in New York but the family moved to Riverdale in Georgia when he was 9. He is based in Atlanta, where he lives with his wife.

Not everything in his life has been good. In 2010 he was shot twice in the middle of an armed robbery. Most tragically his brother killed himself in 2013.

In 2014 Flocka married fellow hip hop artist Tammy Rivera. They both star in the TV show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.