Young Buck Net Worth

Net Worth: $275 Million

  • Full Name: David Darnell Brown
  • Born: (03/15/1981)
  • Place of Birth: Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
  • Occupation: Rapper, actor, record producer and entrepreneur
  • Marital Status: Married

Young Buck Net Worth History

The 34-year-old is world’s highest paid rapper, as on date with a net worth of 275 Million USD. One of the youngest rappers around the world, Buck, originally having the name David Darnell Brown, carved a niche for himself since 1995.

He started his career in rapping merely at the age of 12 with his childhood mate Clay Cole. He started his career in music with Brian Baby Williams. However, the duo parted ways in 2000. Buck then joined the group UTP records and formed new rap group UTP playas. Until now, Buck’s net worth had not reached to a high level.

After meeting 50 cents, a much-celebrated rapper, Buck joined G-Unit and later, in 2003, released his first album titled “Beg for Mercy” which had record sales and acted as a turning point in his claim to success. The album reported 38,000 copy sales within first week of its release. In the next week, as many as 5 lakh copies of the album were sold shooting up his net worth within a week.

As per the latest industry estimates, Buck’s annual income from his compositing and act plays comes out to be close to 35 million USDs. In addition, the young rap star earns approximately 7.8 million USD, a year from sponsorships, advertisement and endorsements alone.

His income rose tremendously over the year 2014- 15 following the popularity of his albums including no Warning, Buck Mentality, E! Buzz, and A Billion Bucks.

He owns a number of restaurants, a football team, a Vodka brand and a popular perfume brand.

About Young Buck

Buck, an aspiring rapper started practicing in his own real studio at the age of 12. He started his career with Cash Money Records in 1995, performing with Brian Baby Willians, Cash Money’s Co-Founder.

Having done numerous shows with the star, but without individual label, Buck left Cash Money in 2004. Some of his collaboration popular albums included “Get Rich or Die Tryin”, released in 2005, “Buck the World”, released in 2007.

Buck faced bankruptcy in 2010 and also spent some time in jail for allegedly possessing “illegal guns”.

The young talented star had cameos in videos including “Stunt 101”, “Popping Them Thangs” and “Wanna Get to Know”. He also released his debut with G-Unit Straight Outta Cashville”.

The rapper has also had a colourful personal life having dated several popular women in the industry. However, he has till date not made public his marital status. Sources reveal that he is married and has a child.

He was spotted dating Karrine Steffans until 2003 when the two parted ways. About 10 years later, he had a serious affair with Monica Arnold. However, he again separated with the beauty for some unknown reasons. The rapper abstains from taking his love affairs public.

He is currently President of Cashville records, his own label. His financial troubles surfaced ever since he had a feud with G unit. In 2012, he announced that he had resolved the issues with G-Unit.

In an interview with a popular magazine, he had revealed that during his 18-month stay in Jail, he read some popular books like Jay Z’s Decoded and Money + God.