George W. Bush Net Worth

Net Worth: $35 Million

  • Full Name: George Walker Bush
  • Born: July 6, 1946
  • Place of Birth: New Haven, Connecticut
  • Occupation: Politician
  • Marital Status: Married

George W. Bush Net Worth History

Bush was born into a wealthy family with powerful political influence; and a large part of his accrued wealth will be money inherited over the course of his life. However it is unfair to label Bush as relying entirely upon his family to propel him forward, he did graduate from Yale and has maintained his personally successful business interests throughout his lifetime. However his rise to the Presidential Office was where he was able to start accruing much of the wealth he has today. During his time in office he made just over $1m a year in salary and public speaking. Yet following the end of his second term he has at least trebled that income – former presidents are paid highly for speaking, and he received a considerable payment for his autobiography.

About George W. Bush

Bush is likely to be remembered as a politician who divides opinion. His actual victory in the election was narrow and opposed by many as being electoral fraud, he responded to 9/11 by adopting an aggressive strategy that took the USA into two middle eastern wars, faced opposition over his handling of the economy and failing to prepare for the collapse of 2008 – the list goes on. Yet on the other hand he did win re-election comfortably, was seen by many sections of society as a man of action, and some of his domestic policies were – for some – socially progressive.

It’s safe to say that Bush will be remembered as the President who made office on the back of his father, and once installed set about rewarding the big industrial lobbies that packed record breaking amounts to help him get there. When the opportunity to invade Iraq over reasons that are now widely known to have been at best extremely thin and at worst utterly blind, will be discussed for centuries to come. Of course the major factor is that the Bush/Iraq jigsaw really does fit together: revenge for his father being stopped from tackling Saddam, dazzlingly vast deals for industries associated with the war who were also his main backers, securing the military vote, and being remembered as the man who toppled the boogeyman.

Outside of Iraq, of course there’s Afghanistan that has continued to be a battle zone until this day. Iraq itself has collapsed into a sectarian civil war that has added countless numbers to the already huge pile of dead. Two unpopular wars that cost tens of thousands of American lives, trillions to fund and still – he was re-elected. Make no mistake Bush himself was popular with those who voted for him – he seemed at home with the ‘common’ man, a truly loyal American being unfairly lambasted by Democrats as lacking the intellectual vigor to hold such office. But he did – and in doing so was the first Republican since Eisenhower to do so.

Bush is a family man who makes no apologies for enjoying life on the ranch, watching football on the couch with a bowl of pretzels and firmly on the side of the NRA. Since finishing his terms he has written, spoke and painted in his spare time – all to lucrative ends. His recent interviews have suggested a return to US ground forces to stabilize Iraq, a call that few Americans would feel comfortable with – but then, if it first you don’t succeed…