John Kerry Net Worth

Net Worth: $194 Million

  • Full name: John Forbes Kerry
  • Born: (12/11/1943)
  • Place of birth: Aurora, state of Colorado
  • Occupation: politician
  • Marital status: married

John Kerry – How he achieved his net worth

The majority of people know of John Kerry due to his political career yet he also had business interests as well. John Kerry was a political science graduate from Yale University that had a highly successful law career although it was intertwined with his time serving in the United States Navy.

Kerry has inherited a great deal of wealth from his mother and other members of the Forbes family. Had John Kerry been voted into the White House in 2004 he would have been the third richest president in American history.

His legal qualifications allowed him to become a district attorney and public prosecutor, his earnings were high, and he also made sensible property investments. Kerry’s first wife came from a wealthy family, which allowed him to increase the number of property investments he held.

Despite divorcing his first wife John Kerry due to a very large extent to his astute and wide-ranging business and properties is the richest individual member of the Senate. As Kerry has proved there is plenty of money to be made from wise business and property investments plus he has gained money from his legal and political careers into the bargain.

Kerry has made his investments really lucrative sources of income and the key foundation of his net worth.

All about John Kerry

John Forbes Kerry is a career politician, and was formerly an officer in the United States Navy. He was a veteran of the Vietnam War and was decorated for bravery. Indeed John Kerry was awarded the Purple Heart three times after his four month tour of South Vietnam. On his return from the war he decided to join the anti-war protests as he disagreed with its continuation.

Having left the navy Kerry got himself a law qualification, which enabled him to become an Assistant District Attorney. Later Kerry served two years as the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts between 1983 and 1985 when Michael Dukakis was the Governor.

After leaving the navy he pursued his legal career before deciding to become a professional politician as a Democrat. John Kerry was first elected to the Senate in 1985 as a Democrat, and he would rise in importance within the party.

Kerry was the defeated Democrat candidate for the 2004 presidential election campaign in which he was highly critical of George W Bush’s invasion of Iraq. The Republicans in return spread rumors that Kerry’s war record was not accurate.

John Kerry married his first wife Julia Thorne in 1970, and they had two daughters together, Vanessa Kerry and Alexandra Kerry. The marriage eventually broke down and they got divorced in 1988, she passed away in 2006. She remained a supporter of his career up to the time of her death.

His second wife is Teresa Heinz, and she married him on May 26 2005. Teresa was the widow of Henry Heinz III, and she is worth $750 million, and therefore richer than her husband.