Apple Computer – Net Worth

Net Worth: $700 Billion

  • Original CEO- Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
  • Birthplace- Mountain View, California
    ( Now Known as Silicon Valley)
  • Original Beginnings – The brainchild of Steve Jobs
    and Steve Wozniak in High school

Apple Computer – Net Worth History

Steve Jobs is the beginning force behind the billion dollar mega giant Apple Computers. Steve began his career playing with electronics at an early age with his father Paul. He began taking apart electronics as a hobby and took it on up to high school where he met his co-partner Steve Wozniak.

Steve Jobs was home schooled as a youngster but did finally attend High School and excelled in his studies dramatically. He really began his education in his father’s garage assembling parts for computers. His sister was the first production worker under his employment and it grew from there as he realized he could beat the big companies with his ideas.

Apple Computer began on April 1st 1976 with three members heading the company’s new beginning. Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne assembled computers that have now become a loyal friend to many of their fans. Ronald Wayne soon sold his share of the company back to the partners for 800 dollars which is a decision I am sure he regrets to this day.

Personal computers in those days were hand designed and put together by actual people instead of the rollout that production is today. Even though computers are hand designed to a certain extent it was a major accomplishment in those days to mass produce the computers that were in demand. Apple has become a mega giant across the world and keeps on growing.

Apple’s mega status is number two right now behind Samsung for the world’s leading electronics company. Their fan base is radical and loyal and there is a reason the two choices Windows or Mac have become such a serious competition. The loyalty stays on either side keeping both at billion dollar net worth for years.

Apple did see a decline in the nineties but has since risen to giant status through years of restructuring and integrating other projects into the company production. Going in to film production was a total boost for Apple making it more popular than ever to be a “Mac Lover.”

Apple Computer has accomplished many other goals such as the beginning of Pixar Animation which has been a phenomenal hit and brainchild. Apple computer has gained serious success through its mobile devices and continues to gain momentum in a very competitive market. Despite its main running force Steve Jobs passing away the company has remained on top and continues to rise as an industry leader.

In 2014 Apple computer sold 26 million iPads during one quarter of business. This has been made an all-time record putting Apple Computer in history making its mark. Apple Computer plans to get into the music industry next with plans to integrate synergy with Beats Electronics. This company is another great decision because it is owned by Dr.Dre and Jimmy Lovine showing how staying progressive and trying new things keeps you thriving in net worth as a company.