Google Net Worth

Net Worth: $367.6 Billion

  • Full Name: Google
  • Born: Google was born in August of 1998
  • Place of Birth: Menlo Park, Palo Alto, California
  • Occupation: The greatest search engine on Earth

Google Net Worth History:

Google is without a doubt, the greatest of all search engines on Earth, and no one would dare dispute this fact. This is because a good deal of its vast fortune is due to its total understanding of everything on the planet. Google also doesn’t need any introduction. It is a multi-national corporation in description. This multi-national corporation functions as far more than just a specialized internet search engine. It also takes care of, and oversees, many other web-related services as well overall.

Google is truly an innovation when it comes to search engines. This is because it has proven to be a true life savior for many people out there who have used it. If one has to look at Google from a world view, they would see far more than just a dependable there for one internet search engine, and this is because it is many other things too. These many other things do include a very high quality web browser called Google Chrome for one. This web browser is something that can be used by anyone from around the globe. Therefore, with all of this said, Google is an internet empire that just keeps on growing and developing in every way.

About Google:

Google was first called Back Rub by Larry Page and Brin. The first funding for Google came about in August of 1998. The person who provided this funding was no other than a man named Andy Bechtolsheim, who was the co-creator for Sun Microsystems, and he contributed $1,000.00 in 1998. In 1999, Google was able to raise an additional investment of $25 million from other investors.

Google’s earliest days date back to September 15, 1997 when it was a business running out from a buddy’s garage in Menlo Park, California. The name for Google came from Googol. Googol is a word that stands for the hundred zeros that come after the number one. The search engine was given this amazing name for one reason. What was this reason? The answer is because Google was a great name. It also was a special name that meant the search engine could supply a huge amount of advice to anyone who was seeking it. This advice would come to them under the blue sky and it could be just about anything in description. The Google of the very early days was managed under the site of Stanford University.

Google changed its office from that of Menlo Park to Palo Alto in California. They also would go on to achieve great things with time. In 2013, they started up a brand new business called Calico, and this was a company that would end up being managed by Apple in the coming future. Google’s industry is centered on computer services and it is one of the leaders in the industry because of it.