Greta Van Susteren net worth

Net Worth: $35 Million

  • Full name: Gerta Van Susteren
  • Birth: (06/11/1954)
  • Place of birth: Appleton, Wisconsin
  • Occupation: journalist, presenter, news anchor, and lawyer
  • Marital status: married

Gerta Van Susteren net worth history

Plan A for the young Gerta Van Susteren was to become a lawyer. Not only did she become a lawyer, she became a very good lawyer. To qualify as a lawyer she attended Georgetown University and qualified with distinction. There is little doubt that she stuck to been a high performing lawyer she would have made a good living for herself. However she ended having a media career, which is the main reason why Gerta Van Susteren now has a net worth of $35 million. She was a well paid lawyer due to being a highly effective one.

When she was working solely as a lawyer Van Susteren gained the reputation of being a really effective lawyer in a court of law. She was respected by other legal professionals for her extensive knowledge of the law. Gerta Van Susteren had a reputation that she was a legal expert that could be used by the media to assess what was happening in legal cases that she was not personally involved in, either defending the accused, or prosecuting the accused.

Not only did the TV channels use Van Susteren to provide an evaluation of legal cases that were making headlines, they found that she came across really well when she was been interviewed or answering questions. It would be the murder trial of a celebrity that would give Gerta Van Susteren the opportunity to gain full time TV work that would replace legal cases as the main source of her income.

Gerta Van Susteren actually gained national attention for her expert legal analysis for the CNN network during the OJ Simpson murder trial. This trial caused a great deal of controversy after the actor and former American footballer had been accused of killing his former wife. Van Susteren stayed calm throughout the trial and its aftermathover an issue that divided the whole of the US.

The bosses of CNN were so impressed with her performance on camera that they offered her work. They made her the co host of their programs Burden of Proof and also The Point. Her earnings with CNN certainly gave a timely boost to her net worth.

Van Susteren did such a good job of presenting on the CNN programs that other TV networks considered taking her away from CNN. Gerta Van Susteren crossed over to the Fox News Channel in 2002 as they outbid CNN and other networks to secure her services. For Fox she presents the show On the Record w/ Gerta Van Susteren. She is well-respected as she ensures that she has a great deal of knowledge about any issue or subject she mentions during the show.

About Gerta Van Susteren

Outside of her work, she is interested in politics, and also good causes. With her husband she donates money to the causes she feels strongest about. They believe in giving opportunities to people that currently have little or no hope.

She married her husband John P Coale in 1988.